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I have not even entered the game world yet and im already excited to see whats new and improved. I had took a break from VR for a few days and now this has brought me back. Looking forward to all future progress. Edit: Two clunkers carrying objects in the new underground area in the large tunnel where you first arrive seem to get stuck trying to go opposite ways while the door is open, I watched one slide past the door and through the railing a bit so i figured, cool, no big deal. i realize that door is open to give us extra routes which is great, but i figured id let you know, it didnt bother me that much, definitely not game breaking in the least.

Im still downloading this even if its no longer being updated. This site is amazing me. To find the very game from my childhood i played SO MUCH but now in VR. Must have for what it is.

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I am so excited for these new updates. Its brings so much joy anticleric. Going to enter the Low-Fi world now and see these new improvements. Edit: After i download the new file. LOL Edit 2: There seems to be a bug when you go in to the psych room to the right in the Police HQ, once you go in the door will not open back up and there is no way out. 

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I just wanted to tell you congrats on making a very early build of what should become a very high recommended VR title. Only thing that kinda annoys me is when you raise your hands up just alittle, even if your holding an object, the scanner to see exits and other useful info pops up too much, but hey im no developer, just giving some insight since im merely a player and a big sci fi fan. I literally feel like im in bladerunner when i enter the world. Thank you so much and please, please keep pushing forward with this project. Btw, your project is getting around on facebook and other social media sites, thats how i found out about Low-Fi.