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This is terrific! Great little puzzles, cute and fun two character mechanic. Awesome music and vibe. This is definitely one of my favourite games of the jam. Just such a nice feeling game and honestly the first 3D entry I've played that feels like a 'complete' submission. Really nice job.

One thing I might suggest is that it can be really hard to manipulate the camera in some of those smaller areas. It might be worth making the camera track closer to the player, maybe bound by the ceiling, when you go into a small space, or switch to a character in a smaller space. I get the feeling that it would be a lot nicer to play with a controller, would love to give that a try at some point.

Great work!

That means a lot to us! I'm glad you had fun playing our jam game. It isn't explicitly noted, but it is controller supported as well so if you plugged in your controller, it will work nicely. We are adding new elements and have touched up a lot including the camera rework, so check out our new updated version later in the week for more clarity as well as more exciting puzzles and level changes. If you have any questions, feel free to message us! Thanks again for your support.