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Hey love the game, but I think you might have mistimed the level where you make the burgers - at least as far as the "perfect" score goes. I ran the entire level at full speed & made no mistakes, yet I failed because the RNG didn't line up right. This happened to me 5+ times. I was eventually able to do it, but waiting for the RNG to line up seems different from how all the other challenges worked.

Hey dondashall!

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game and sorry that you found the burger level frustrating.  As you've surmised introducing randomness can make some runs impossible and although they're balanced to be possible, those levels can slip through the cracks.  5 fails in a row is a bit more than what came up in playtesting however, so when I get a chance I'll have to take a look.  Thanks for your feedback!  Hope you can get that coveted 100% perfect playthrough!

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Thanks for your reply. Just finished the game at all perfect. There were a few more frustrating levels, but not any more that were an RNG thing as opposed to me not being that good at this type of stuff. Fantastic game all-around. I'm also rather amazed how well you managed to create a rather relatable story for the character with just a few short snippets as well as the gameplay. Really good game. 

Also, it wasn't really 5 times in a row. I'm not that good. They were interspaced with runs where I didn't get that far, just to clarify. It was still frustrating though.