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I will buy it instantly the moment you add various mounts or at least a no-mount version (on foot).

I am making RPG stuff so mounted version is something very optional when on foot has a lot more uses and more common usage (on foot you can use the sprites when Player Character is indoor, in dungeons, in house, on hills, mountains, tree branches and w/e. On Horse - only outdoor in open space. Otherwise it looks ridiculous. Horse on ladders or roofs - only in Witcher and Skyrim :D)

I am not hating or anything. The assets are gorgeous as always Aleksander. Just saying what I need before I make a purchase (and I own EVERY single asset you published so far)


Very good idea ^^ I think many people will want to see not only heroes, but also monsters with animations in 8 directions. ^^ (You do not need to buy all assets, you can subscribe to patreon and get all assets;) In addition, you will get access to our discord channel and order Micro Asset. Ha! :D This is something like an advertisement for myself.)

I'd buy hero character that walks, attacks etc. And is not on a horse..