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Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. I think it's best to set up a subscription through Boosty. Currently, I've disabled extra rewards for Patreon, unfortunately.

Я всегда планирую что-то обновлять, но у меня не всегда хватает времени на это.

I spent the whole evening playing your game! :D Thank you very much!! When someone makes their games with my humble work it makes me happy!

all of my content: 

Tower Defence game is my weakness. Give me a few evenings and I’ll make a big review! :) I like it so much! ^^

No, it's AAP-64

Oh, I never used RPG maker :( I'm not sure about that.


Vehicles move in all 4 direction! But attack animation only left right "side" ^^

yes! ^^

yea, only left and right

Yea! Done! :D

idle, walk, attack, hit, death ^^


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I added upgraded version of enemies in update 1.1

OLD + Updated :)

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this asset also Available for:

Patreon (5$ tier)

Ko-fi (10$)

I like this game very much! I'm actually a big fan of Roguelike style games but I'm not a hardcore audience though. 

This game reminded me of my favorite Gameboy Cave Noire! So cool!

I hope that after Jam you will continue to develop this game! Good luck!

I think you need to use some shaders to make the picture look like an old monitor.

Why! Right arrow button - up, down arrow button - right, Up arrow button - down. D: Left arrow button - left. WHYYYYY!

Thanks for your feedback! Thank you so much for your work! I follow your progress and they inspire me to create such assets. It is very pleasant that we are creating such a friendly community!

Thanks for the review! Of course! The palette is APP64 (you can find this palette in Aseprite (if you use it) I added a transparent layer: R0\G0\B0\A100.

Waiting for your game! If you have Twitter, I'd love to be your follower and help you promote ^^

^^ I'm still working on it. My patrons have been ordering updates lately. This applies to both HAS and LAS. Sorry for the lack of information, now I'm focused on creating exclusive content :)

You can divide this into 16x16 tiles. But I'm not sure that the tiles will be compatible with each other.

Hey! I have never worked with RpgMaker. Game Maker Studio 1 \ 2 and Unity only :C

I'm doing everything in my power, it's not noticeable, but now I'm releasing a lot of updates for my patrons ^^ I hope I work on this asset

I'll publish the update on itchio in a week. In addition, you will find many small updates for other assets ^^

Cool! I bought and played! You're doing great!

no, only black color :C Sorry!

^^ I look forward to your game!

16x16 :D You're welcome! Happy New Year! 

I fixed it ^^

this is normal :) You can invite me to your Minecraft server too ^^

No, You can add it if you need it :) it's just a few lines of code

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the feedback and the created demo! (I'm very excited :D)  I will try to fix the attack animations in the next hot-fix. (add animation of movement for the demon too.). I have a plan to make an underground biome, but I'm not sure if it will be as you imagine it. ^^

^^ no, it's just a Banner image. But yes, I can imagine how good it would look for an RPG. Maybe I can make asset in pseudo 3D



I'm not a great reviewer, but I will try to express all my thoughts.


Since I'm the creator of this graphic asset (Creature Pack and several parts of Overworld). In my opinion, the pack of creatures is more suitable for Roguelike \ Strategy games and this is the case for the correct use of assets.

I'm very glad how wonderful 0x72 work looks harmoniously with my monsters. (Hi, 0x72, I follow your creativity, find me on twitter :D Haha).


I never thought it was possible to create such an atmospheric soundtrack for such a small game! (I don't know how you recorded the sound effects, but I would like to meet the zombie voice actor ^^)


I really like the genre of tactical games (Most likely this is what motivated me to start creating my assets). I don't know if you used the FE mechanic.(Rock-Paper-Scissors), 

5 levels are very few. Procedural generation can fix the situation and I will play this game for a long time.


Good luck with LowrezJam!

Very good idea ^^ I think many people will want to see not only heroes, but also monsters with animations in 8 directions. ^^ (You do not need to buy all assets, you can subscribe to patreon and get all assets;) In addition, you will get access to our discord channel and order Micro Asset. Ha! :D This is something like an advertisement for myself.)

As I understand it is a magic book? 

If you need, I will make an animated bookmarked version of the book and add it to the next update ^^