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Not sure how advanced you are, but I used some combination of this:

and in Project Settings > "General" tab > Display / Window:

... I set Size/Width to something like 160, and then Size/Test Width to a multiple of it - say, 480. (do the same with Height and Test Height.)

... and set Stretch/Mode to "viewport"

and finally: in the Import settings (it's a tab in the top-left corner) of any images you're using, you have to turn off the 'Filter' checkbox.


Most of this I don't deal with anymore, I wrote a script to deal with it all for me. I stuck it in a pastebin if you're interested!

but basically it's just a lot of stuff like this, setting project settings through code:

ProjectSettings.set("display/window/size/width", width)
ProjectSettings.set("display/window/size/test_width", width * zoom)

thank you so much