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An quite interesting game! I already very much enjoyed your brillant Millie Molly and Grid Pix is another very fine game for my "little grey cells". Works perfectly on Vice, but I'll enjoy it on my TheC64 Maxi this evening. :)

Thanks for supporting it. And thanks for the kind words. It is fun coding for the C64.

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Two days later I have to add: Grid Pix is extremely addictive for me. And I think this game would be a perfect solo-boardgame. I'm actually pondering about making such an "offline version" with cardboard and wooden cubes. A wonderful game, very entertaining and there are always some minutes time to solve another puzzle! I look forward to the DLCs. :)

great to hear. You can buy paperback book versions of this style of puzzle. The one I had called it Hanse but it was the same idea.


Ah I see, nonograms they are called. I ordered a book. Grid Pix works flawlessly on my TheC64 Maxi by the way.