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3. Got it, thanks!

4. I've figured out how to drag a card from storage buildings into trash to discard. But how do I discard a card from my hand? This capability would make it possible to pull down cards from full storage into full hand or sell/salvage map items into my full hand e.g. to pay for an event.  

5. Perhaps the "Water and sewage system" card description should also say "and winning the game!" Currently, the ending is very abrupt. 

6. Have you considered modifying the discard-pile-reshuffling rules? Specifically: Is there any reason that when dealing out new cards, you don't reshuffle immediately during refill, so that the player starts each turn with new 4 cards? As a simple example, when you have say 4 cards or 0 cards in your Draw Pile, then finishing a construction that adds 1 more card to your Draw Pile will essentially cause you to lose 3/4 of a turn by delaying the deck reshuffle to play a turn with a size-1 hand. At least make the unusual rule clear ... The current process can be nasty when an event clock is ticking down and the needed cards are waiting in the discard pile, but finishing buildings delays a reshuffle. 

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4. you can you just need to drag it to storage and discard it from there