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This game got me hooked for hours, and still counting! It is generally relaxing, the music and ambience. The changes in the environment as you do things is amazing. Tier 3 is gorgeous! Everything is beautiful, and I'm in love with this game!

However, I have found a bug where recycling drones do not return resources/currency from beacons when the delta of the beacon is less than or equal to zero. (The number shown above the beacon before placing it)

This has caused me to lose what was seemingly a winning round, because I did not get refunded the resources from recycled structures.

That being said, please keep up the good work!

Edit: Additionally, some hitboxes tend to get hidden behind cliffs; for example, I can't place a beehive on a tree that is right behind a cliff.

Managed to clear the game on Normal, with a final score of 25707. I might try Hard mode sometimes...


Thanks for the feedback! So glad you enjoyed it :D