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A fun little hyper-casual game! Though I find it a bit too easy with how the health system works.

I personally find it better to play with rotating camera, but I can see how this can make someone feel dizzy/sick. I think disabling it by default would be a safer choice.

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This game got me hooked for hours, and still counting! It is generally relaxing, the music and ambience. The changes in the environment as you do things is amazing. Tier 3 is gorgeous! Everything is beautiful, and I'm in love with this game!

However, I have found a bug where recycling drones do not return resources/currency from beacons when the delta of the beacon is less than or equal to zero. (The number shown above the beacon before placing it)

This has caused me to lose what was seemingly a winning round, because I did not get refunded the resources from recycled structures.

That being said, please keep up the good work!

Edit: Additionally, some hitboxes tend to get hidden behind cliffs; for example, I can't place a beehive on a tree that is right behind a cliff.

Managed to clear the game on Normal, with a final score of 25707. I might try Hard mode sometimes...

This is very good! I love the gameplay, art, and audio! Would love to see more from you, or even this game expanded. Keep it up! :D

I find it fun! It reminds me of a turn-based game that I love. Knowing where the enemies are going is an interesting touch. I think the concept is really great and I'd like to see more in the future. :)

Fun little game! Would be nice if multiple kills in one cut give more points or something.

I love the music for the most part! And the weapon system is something I find interesting for a shooter-scroller, although the weapon icon rotation can be a bit confusing for me.

Looks great, overall! I'd love to see this concept expanded. :)

Very interesting! I love it. :)

Hi, Terry! I'm finding your program very helpful for my little music-making hobby, but lately I realized that it NEVER saves my track (the .ceol itself) whenever there's a block that has Advanced Filtering on. Exporting works, just not the CEOL file.

It's sad to say that this has made me lose hours of progress, so I hope you would please look into it.

Anyhow, I'm grateful for this tool. Keep up the good work!