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Very cool game. It would be great if you could make the timer pause if I take off browser focus (say, to check a different tab on something unrelated while playing).

EDIT: It would also be helpful if all the mines were revealed upon losing for educational purposes.

EDIT #2: It would be awesome if we could control map size. Maybe Triangulation could be continually procedurally generated and even be made into an endless MMO! For example, here is an infinite Minesweeper MMO: https://mienfield.com

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  •  you're right it's better, I will reveal all mines when we lose
  • of course, easy, from a little prototype to an endless MMO. I'll try to do it during the night :p Seriously, choosing map size (and number of bombs) is a good idea. And thanks for the interesting link.

EDIT: you got it, all bombs are revealed when you lose. It only remains to make the endless MMO.