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Incredible game! Very challenging at first, then I kept discovering things that made it fun and only added to the challenge at higher waves.

Unlimited slow motion does seem a little powerful. Is it intended to remain unlimited or is that just the case for the demo?

Thanks!  Slow motion is more for testhing purposes, i'm not sure if it'll be an actual mechanic in the game.

I mean obviously, the game is in it's very early stages, i don't plan on it staying wave-based like this, so make sure you don't burn yourself out on it!

The slow motion is cool, I think you could keep it. It would just need to be earned. Maybe the character pulls out a fresh cigar and lights up to represent the duration of the ability.

It's pretty cool, sorta like the "bullet time" that you see in other games

And with me being overwhelmed by the wave mode, i think it makes for an interesting style of play.