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very nice game! :) I like how neet it is, and how you managed to integrate the puzzles to serve the narrative.

The hints system is realy cool, but I would have prefered if the hints arrived much later (like two-three times later).

The puzzle seem easy in design but sometimes the patters turn out quite complex (which is a compliment! :) ) and when I was trying to solve such pattern I found the hint to arrive too soon.

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Thank you for the feedback, that's really helpful to hear. I went ahead and extended the time before a hint to 14 seconds. I had also been thinking that if you didn't want to be bothered by hints, you could just turn them off under Settings - but maybe that option isn't very obvious.

It's hard to judge these things as someone who's played the game a thousand times, so it's a huge help to hear your thoughts! Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.