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<3 Hello again, SweetChiel!

Gahhhhh. This promises to be another great game! I noticed that it's quite a bit different from the original Nusantara -- the art style seems slightly altered, and the gaming style is also changed. However, I still love how you make the characters so real (especially the MC and her relationship with her family). So far, Guntur's the only one who's caught my eye. The guys in Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle seem slightly more stereotypical; even though Rama and Reksa were drastically different characters, they were both very adorable in their own way, but I feel like Kahlil and Arya are more... hm.... directed towards a certain audience group instead of towards girls in general. But in any case, I still loved the demo enough to buy the game! <3 Good luck during the production process, and I can't wait! Hope you garner enough financial support for the indiegogo campaign!

Cheers, :3


P.S. LOVE how you drop in bits and pieces of Nusantara: Legend into Nusantara: Bermuda! :'-) 

P.P.S. Oh yes! I forgot to ask -- did you remove the affection meter from Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones? I saw it in the promotional pics, but I couldn't find it in the actual game. 

Thanks & welcome back jordanyak! x'D

And yes, Winged Ones was made with my old laptop -the color balance in my old laptop is different with my current laptop so I guess it alters my art a little >< This is also the first time I try a status raising system -but I'm glad to hear you still love it though!

Meanwhile, Guntur is gaining more fans lol. As for Kahlil & Arya... hmm, I've just realized this recently, but does Arya fit into the stereotype of grumpy werewolf? x'D lol but don't worry, I have things planned for them *evil laugh*cough*

And YAY! Thanks for supporting! 
Stay tuned with the weekly updates & it will be finished before we know it!


P.S. lol, the tid bits about Winged Ones is a bonus for my old fans x'D glad you like them!

P.P.S. Ahh, I forgot to remove that screenshot x_x; that feature is from the old version of Winged Ones. It used Novelty, not Ren'Py and I have only just learned how to do that with Ren'Py now ><