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It works now. 

 A few issues that, hopefully, can be fixed before the deadline. The primary issue is the ladder at the end of the first level doesn't go anywhere. I was able to walk on the top of the dungeon walls, thinking I would trigger something or gain access to a walled off area.  I traced the entire map twice trying to finding a switch or alternate exit (I reached level 8 from the random encounters)  Ice Fang skill and many of the care package items have no description. 

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Huh... It's rather odd that it doesn't move you as soon as you approach the ladder. I can activate the transfer event fine. I'll re-work the detection a bit and push out a fix ASAP (alongside adding some text for the items that don't have it).
EDIT: Fixed now. Included some improvements as well.

I got to Michael and right as the battle was about to start, the game crashed with this error:

TypeError: undefined is not a constructor
at Particle_Layer.addEmitter()
at Game_Event.createPageEmitter()
at Game_Event.setupPage()
at Game_Event.refresh()
at Array.forEach()
at Game_Map.refresh
at Game_Map.refreshIfNeeded()
at Game_Interpreter.command205()
at Game_Interpreter.execuite.Command()

Very odd. I use the same particle emitter on my main game and it didn't break before. Pushed a hotfix for it now.

Everything worked. I finished the game and watched until the final fadeout.