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Seems good, but missing the gameplay basics: the ball must bouce at angolation according where it touch the bat, independently from the incoming trajectory. In other words, need the possibility to direct the ball at the opposite direction of the incoming angle. A rounded bat would be ideal, or else giving a 30 degrees of deviation when touches near the center, 60 at the distance between middle and extreme, 90 at the extreme.

Yeah, I actually had the degreed segments of the paddle  in mind when I first started developing the game. That is the way it is done in other Hit Ball With Paddle games. But when I started coding it, I realised that it actually makes no sense! It's just not the way that physics actually works. An object does not magically change its trajectory based on the area of an object that it lands on. So I decided to have the ball retain its original velocity, PLUS whatever velocity the paddle had at the moment of contact. So, you can still control the ball's trajectory. The technique is just different. 

Well, I knew about it, mine was a dirty attempt to persuade you to change the method xD

As alternative, If you can make a curved paddle (with a selectable option if you prefer), you'll make me happy! :P