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found an error, occured immediately after playing threw the default day

looks intresting though, let me know when you fix it! I'm excited to play more!

Thanks for having a look at my game!

I'm having difficulty recreating that error. Were you playing the browser version or the download? What sort of device were you using? What is your internet connection like?


hi I was playing in browser in chrome and I have timewarner cable. After I finished the default day the error occured on the second day as I was about to get out of bed. Hope that helps.


Had Same error on day after default loop after trying to wake up, failing, clicking sleep in, then replayed the time-warp animation, game crashed a few seconds after that

Game looks awesome though! can't wait for more


yeah, this is exactly what I did!

Thanks so much to both of you for having a look!

It appears this bug crops up the first time the game is run, before an image has been cached, which is why I was having so much trouble recreating it.

Hope I can fix it quickly.