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My save files keep getting corrupted (this would be the fourth time I've had to start over) and it seems to be happening at random moments. the game crashes then reloading the save files (including auto saves) makes the game crash again before loading. Since I can't pinpoint, what makes this happen, are there any files I could send you (like the save files) to help out?

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Sorry about that! That bug is fixed in v1.03, which is currently available on Steam. I was meaning to get it onto itch.io after a short test period, but I've been bad about that, and got sidetracked working on some other features...
: (

I'll try to get v1.03 onto itch.io ASAP for you.

Thanks for the reply. Cool, I forgot that we where getting steam keys, though I'd rather play it DRM free anyways. Glad you got that fixed. Is there any way I could scavenge the save files? (I was 10 hours in on that last one). Anyways, I'll play the latest one and let you know if I find anything.


Just got the patch out. As long as you didn't delete the files, they should load just fine in v1.03. : )

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I tested it and it works! You have saved my save files, you are my hero.