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(I just discover i wright in french. fail in copy past with google trad XD)

A bug about shield:

1-Version 0.0731 - sand box

2- When you make the shield, the parts of the shield dont become on entity. That can do a hit box bug if you keep a part on your hand (right click). Also, shields will be fly until you brock them on the anvil. (It's funny to see :D) The hand grip cannot be take, but it is not on the shield.

2bis- The shield doesn't assembly like shild: You can't just touch each other. You need the right position, in the right angle, in the right side.

Edit: The Enarme doesn't permit to move the shields. Same with the shield boss who fall of my tower shield (Marf!)

3- After made 3 shield (on incomplet, 2 complete but don't claim to be a complet shield, like sword or hammer), i can't do this bug anymore.

4- For the first time (?) Stay right clik input when you place a element on the shield.

Edit bis: 2ter- I have put a second head on the axe. Yes, my axe have 3 head: Normal head (single axe head) and the dual blade head. That work with the hand gard.

3ter- http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/6/1497126222-triple-hache-1.png

4ter- Put a head on the axe already finished.

5-Mother board: Rampage V Extreme ASUS

Intel i7 6heart 3300Mhz

Graphic board:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

8Gbit ram.

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Thanx Chugo for the bug report. 

In version 0.0.8, we might not see shields implemented. The weapon system still needs perfecting and implementing shields will make things more complicated but i'll come back to reports like yours when I am ready to complete implementation of shields.

Issues with axes should be cleared for version 0.0.8.


Ok! I don't touch Shield again :D Except if i want to see something fly! \o/