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That is a very generous offer, but as I've generally been knocking out ten puzzles a day as part of my gaming routine (it's like brain exercise, but fun!) if I don't get completely stuck near the end I have about five days left before I finish the full three hundred. Given how close I am to the finish I'd rather not put it on hold for an indefinite period of time, and I'm sure you'd rather potentially take on that level of rewrite without any additional bits of pressure as small as they might be.

That said, if you do get around to that level of rewrite and are curious if this particular crashing issue is resolved or not feel free to reach out to me as I'd be willing to go run into a wall repeatedly for a few minutes to check :)

Sounds great! Just wanted to throw that out there since I wasn't sure what your pacing was. Thank you once again for being so understanding, and best of luck with the rest of those 9x9 puzzles! =)

If you'd be willing, I'd really love to hear your completely unfiltered, brutally honest feedback regarding what you believe the game does well, where you think it falls flat, and anything you'd like to see improved upon or included in a sequel! While I have a lot in mind for the follow-up, I love gathering as much feedback as possible and I don't believe I've been able to pick the brains of any of the few players who have completed all 300 puzzles. I'd also be very interested to know what the time to complete the game was in your stats page if you're open to sharing it, since I've been quite curious to find how accurate or inaccurate my estimate for overall length of the game was.

Sure thing, I'll make sure to collect my thoughts and share them once I finish the remainder of the puzzles!

Thank you! =) 

Okay so ten puzzles a day was a bit of an overestimation on my part as they got rather tricky by the end, but I finally managed to complete all 300 puzzles! The final stats page said it took me 23h: 18m: 17s with an average time/puzzle of 4m:39s, total attempts of 1509 and average attempts/puzzle of 5.03. I have no idea if the freezes I experienced affected that, I tested a few times and it seemed to not affect the time tracking but I didn't really keep close tabs on it.

I started to jot down some thoughts and it was getting rather long, so would you mind if I were to just email it to the address that you listed earlier (or a different one if you'd like) rather than post it all here? It feels like a bit much for a comment thread, but if that is where you'd prefer it I don't really have an issue with it.

I did like it, I can fit that in here easily :) If I didn't I wouldn't have put almost a full day into it.

Congratulations on beating the game! I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing it! Those 9x9 puzzles definitely gave me a fair amount of grief during development, so it's good to hear they weren't a complete cakewalk! 

I had estimated it would take somewhere in the range of 25-35 hours to beat all 300 puzzles, so I'd say that's a great time! 

And email is absolutely fine! =)