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Congratulations on beating the game! I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing it! Those 9x9 puzzles definitely gave me a fair amount of grief during development, so it's good to hear they weren't a complete cakewalk! 

I had estimated it would take somewhere in the range of 25-35 hours to beat all 300 puzzles, so I'd say that's a great time! 

And email is absolutely fine! =) 

Thanks! Would have been nice to do more, but I got quite a late start to the jam. Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you! That "one more try" mindset when just playing around with throwing and catching the wrench before it hits the ground is what led me to push the game entirely in that direction! It really hooked me, so I probably spent too much time playing the game during the development period. And I'll pass the music complement over to the composer =) He definitely did a great job! 

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Yeah, that feels like the right strategy! Round them up in the open, throw, and then drop to catch =) And yeah I updated the game so you don't have to time a keypress to catch the wrench, since the game was proving *too* difficult. Your post makes me realize that I forgot to update the controls menu, so I'll go ahead and get that fixed! Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks! Will do! 

Thank you! Glad you like it! 

What more indeed... I did consider making it more like flappy bird by making touching a building or the ground a loss condition, but I figured that may be a bit too brutal.