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Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated! 

I have experimented with mouse cursor locked to center, but so far this hasn't been an improvement, as it has caused other issues that made the playability suffer in other ways, but I understand your concern. I will see if I can come up with something clever to solve this in a good way...

Thanks for your thoughts on the vehicle sounds, they were actually first intended as place holder sounds, but after a while I thought the naive feeling of them were suiting to the toy theme, so I kept them. Fading them off, rather than the sudden cut off,  would be an easy way of making it more pleasant yes...

When it comes to the camera going inside the sofa, the collider must be a bit off on it. should be an easy fix.


No problem, and thanks for patching this stuff ;)

Maybe have a circle in the center of the screen where the mouse can go anywhere in there but if it goes outside of the circle, it goes back to the center of the screen (the cursor does). Example:

Also it may seem like im the only one who cares about this right now, but if you share this with relatives, friends, etc it *will* help this gain attention. Your game is a hidden gem hiding in some ball pit of bad games (yours isn't). Does that analogy even work? lol idk Anyways keep up the great work!

P.S. Is unity personal complicated in terms of UI? Or is it easy for a complete beginner to understand

Thanks for all the kind words!

Me being a beginner in unity  I would say that it takes a while to get into it.  Maybe it is easier if you have prior knowledge in other game engines, which I haven't got. What's mostly holding me back is probably all my struggles with writing C# code though...

No problem. And if it takes knowing C# then that's a deal breaker for me even trying to learn :P