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You sure?

What exactly is there to gain for me in the end. I know I sound selfish but what can I do. It almost looks like a chore that I must supervise the porting and perhaps further development of the game. If you're still trying to convince me you better have the slickest excuse beyond being a student trying to port things over...

Well wouldn't you want to see the game complete? I bet others would too, and even though I am a student, I would like to see this completed myself. But if you do not want to pursue that, I understand, I won't force you to do something you don't want to do.

So... would you like full custody of this project? Because I can only fill you in on what I had planned for this project. 

Really? You would hand it off to me? If you want to do so, then I would accept your offer. I would give you credit though still, wouldn't be right to leave you out of something you started.

Alright, figure a way to contact me, leave me your email/Gmail and I'll message you. Once I do, I'll delete this whole thread.

My email is