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That's really odd. Tell me more of what happened.

Need my email?

Did you get it to play?

Then go ahead and send me to me as soon as you can. Remember, I would need the files in a zip folder. This includes the project itself, but unencrypted. IF it is a RGSS Encrypted Archive, I can't open it. Want to send it to me by email. And by dropbox as well.

I see. So no english release anytime soon?


Well that was the goal was to make it spooky hehe.


No worries. And if you do need help, I'll gladly do so.

Well I can say that Christmas time can be quite a crazy time. Especially on Christmas Eve. So anything can happen, even walking to the store naked. But I intended for it to be random and silly. Cause most of this was done as I wrote it. So i just made it up as I went along. I do hope that you have enjoyed it? And plus the protagonist is YOU!! So this is your story of Christmas Eve.

Plus I'm also an inker and flat colorist, so I can help with the art too if needed. 

Well I wouldn't mind helping out. I have done a visual novel demo but in Tyrano builder Visual Novel Studio. I was thinking that maybe I could give it a try in that and see how it would go? But just so you can see if it's easier for your project. You're using Ren'Py am I correct?

No worries ^^

Are you in need of some help with this?

If you do, then I can port it over to MV for you?

Damn xD Any chance of remaking it in VX Ace? Then port it to MV?

My email is soybean2468@rocketmail.com

Sounds good to me :)

Really? You would hand it off to me? If you want to do so, then I would accept your offer. I would give you credit though still, wouldn't be right to leave you out of something you started.

If it was made in VX Ace, I could port it over to MV for you.

Well wouldn't you want to see the game complete? I bet others would too, and even though I am a student, I would like to see this completed myself. But if you do not want to pursue that, I understand, I won't force you to do something you don't want to do.

I wouldn't mind helping out with it. I have MV and software to scale up the graphics to MV standards.

You're welcome. Though I could still help out in some way if that's possible? Like be the tester or bug fixer for it? Cause I usually do that when I port VX Ace games over to MV.

The MVFU looks interesting, the other 2 links though are of how to convert which I already know XD but thank you for the info about it. So what do you think of the process? The program I have can scale all the pictures, RTP Scaler. But this I would use for tilesets. So how is this all sounding to you so far?

Neat ^^ Thought it was VX Ace for a minute there xD

You sure?

Created a new topic RPG Maker

This was made in MV huh?

Created a new topic RPG Maker

What was this made in?

Is this was made in VX Ace, I would of wanted to help port it to MV.

OR should we discuss this more by email?

Was this made in VX Ace?

Created a new topic RPG Malker

Which one was this made in?

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This looks like it was made in VX Ace. Was it?

What was this made in?

So how's the research going?

What engine was this made in? Looks interesting.

Cause I would be interested in porting it over to MV.

I have email if you would like to do that as well?

Would it be possible for you to do this?

So how does this sound to you?