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What do you mean?

Tell me what problem you are experiencing.

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Fixed the error now ^^

Looks like Ace x3 Oh well

Well I just recently updated all of the text so I fixed the typos and weird dialogue. Did yu just recently download this? Or before the update?

Thanks for the tip. I'll look into this again x3

Fixed now ^^

I'll need a screenshot or video showing the error please so I can get to fixing that error.

Thanks for the video. I will fix it right away.

Thanks. Show me a screenshot of the error please. I'll fix it right away.

Reminds me of Silent Hill. And that's a good thing :)

I will thank you ^^

Even RPG Maker MV?

So all of these tools can work with RPG Maker MV? Cause I want to make a game using all of these implemented into it.

Do any of these work with RPG Maker MV?

No worries ^^

Huh. Looks pretty good ^^

You're welcome ^^

Huh, looked like VX Ace to me x3. Looks good though.

Still, maybe I can do it sometime in the future when I do an RPG one. Cause it'll be a lot of fun I think.

That's quite understandable. No worries ^^

Okay ^^

You don't need to worry. I would make sure that nothing is altered except for the graphics. I can send you screentshots and such to see hw it's going.

Really? How so?

Oh no need to worry about checking. I can do the playtesting myself. And you can give me notes on the builds, like what needs fixing or editing. So there's nothing to worry about really. Though what is it that you need to check?

I apologize for the misunderstanding. I am doing an RPG right now. But building it from the ground up. IT's an MLP game but don't worry, I can also do yours too if you like. Besides, it sounds like fun to me. The Home trilogy may not be an RPG but it's something at least for me. Still, I'd like to give your game a try. Or one of your choosing that you made in VX Ace. Also for files, they will be put on an external hard drive, then deleted off of the main computer for safe keeping.

Gotcha. Was interested in bringing this over to RPG Maker MV for you cause it looked like a cute and silly game.

I could do Veins in case this game isn't completed.

Well you don't have to worry about doing it. I can do that for you.

Well I'd never do something like that. I keep the files close and never share them to anyone but the creator of the game. I haven't done anything new cause I was taking a break from developing. But I just got back into it so I want to see what I can do this year. If I were to do a port or conversion for you, I'd never share your files to anyone, you can trust me on that. I promise.

Would you be intersted in bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

Also sorry if I'm being rude.

What's odd about it?

Well I'm interested in bringing it over to RPG Maker MV for you? I have done this with 3 games that are on my page. SO I have experience.

Well I wouldn't mind seeing about helping out with any of your games.

Well I wouldn't mind doing it myself. All I would need is just the files and all. You would only have to playtest and see what needs to be fixed bug wise. I can do it. I have done three games that were made in VX Ace.

Damn xD I was gonna see if I can bring it over to MV if it were made in Vx Ace. With your permission of course.