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Fair enough ^^

Well I can use an RTP scaler for the tiles. That'll be a simple thing to do. That'll also include the images too. So that I can handle for you. Also for the scripts, there are plugins now, so I guess maybe ones that do the same thing could work or something? So yeah, I can handle the graphics. Plus if I can look at the project files, I could possibly find a plugin that does the exact same function as the one in the game here. So it'll be a simple process. So yeah, I can give it a go and see where it goes from there ok? Can't hurt to try can it?

Well would you want to see about bringing this over to RPG Maker MV? I can do that for you.

Well I've done this before, got three games on my itch page. They were are VX Ace games. So I can give this a go and see where it takes me. So let me give it a shot, I don't mind doing the work at all ^^

Did you make this in RPG Maker MV? Looks quite lovely ^^

Why's that?

Looked like VX Ace to me xD

I see

What base?

Thanks ^^

Looks pretty neat ^^

Was this done in VX Ace?

Huh, looks like it was made in VX Ace to me x3

But oh well

Okay ^^

Sure, 3 games I've brought over from VX Ace to MV are on my itch page. It's the "Home" Trilogy as I call them. A New Home, Homesick and Homecoming.

They're like HD remasters of the original games.

No worries. I was asking cause I was interested in porting it over to MV.

Well I was thinking of bringing it over to MV for you. Now just think of it as an HD remaster. IT won't be a from the ground up remake no, just updated graphics is all. And with MacOS compatibility too. And I won't alter anything from the files, to story. Unless instructed by you.

So would you like me to give it a try?

Darn. If this were made in Vx Ace, I would of had a blast trying to port this to MV.

I see. 

Okay, good luck ^^

Would you like help bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?


Huh, I see

Are any of your games made in VX Ace?

Damn xD

This would of been fun to port to MV if it were made in VX Ace.

I use both for porting purposes.


Email has been sent ^^

You think you'd be up for me giving a try at bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

Well think of it like an HD remaster. So updated graphics. And also the option to play this on MacOS. And even on mobile if needed. So would you like to send the stuff to me by email?

I would like to talk about this in email if that's fine? More privacy you know?

Did you make this in VX Ace?

Was this done in RPG Maker VX Ace?

OR no?

So do you want me to bring it over?

Was this made in VX Ace?

So what do you think?

Well I just love doing this porting business really. It's fun so to say and give me plenty to do also.