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Do you have a gentle hint for 'Around a Corner'? The two loose blocks have caused me to wonder if I've missed a mechanic!

edit: a-ha! Sometimes asking a question leads you towards an answer :-)

The puzzles so far have been great, though I do wonder whether it might be worth allowing progression to the next floor after beating a 7-8 of the current floor's levels, so that progress can continue even when you run into a stubborn level? Perhaps you could gate the final set of levels around 100% completion?

Thank you for playing! Great job getting around that corner ^.^

Hear you and agree that there could definitely be a better way to prevent getting blocked by a level.


I could really use that hint tho. Great game BTW.

Spoilers ahead (not aware of a spoiler tag). Could you push it in a sort of diagonal? Or could you get it all the way in one move?

Good luck!


Got it, thx.