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Hey, thanks, I just solved it hahaha. Great game!

EDIT:  BTW was that determination thing an Undertale reference? lol

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Hey, love this game, great work, but I could really use a hint. I'm going to code my question in rot 13 so I don't accidentally spoil anything to anyone else.

V unir 3 rttf yrsg gb cynpr va gurve arfgf. V guvax gur frpbaq naq guveq-gb-ynfg rttf tb va gur gjb aneebj urnqynaqf ng gur gbc bs gur vfynaq. Ubjrire, vs V fubir bar rtt qbja n urnqynaq jvgu zl gnvy, gura V qba'g unir rabhtu rttf gb qent gur bgure rtt qbja gur bgure urnqynaq naq fcvg vg, naq V pna'g fubir vg vafvqr fvapr V qba'g unir rabhtu fcnpr, gurer'f n cbaq nobir rnpu urnqynaq gungf ceriragf zr sebz qbvat fb. Jung nz V fhccbfrq gb qb? V npghnyyl xabj ubj gb chg gur ynfg rtt ba gur yrsg bs gur vfynaq, fb gur bayl guvat V'z zvffvat, V guvax, vf ubj gb cynpr gur frpbaq naq guveq-gb-ynfg rttf.

Great game, but I have to ask, since I'm going insane, how do I solve the second fan level? The hat can't be flown into the pit since I'm standing in the way.


Great game, I enjoy it. I'm at the final puzzle of the demo, I think. I just need a little hint to put me on the right path. I know it involves stickers and the pictures of three people, but I don't know how it's all related.

It reminds me of Snakebird, but you eat your own tail. I like it.

Do you have any hints for levels 9, 10 and 11? I'm absolutely stuck.

Very nice game. I found a glitch, sometimes I have to type a password twice before I get the win state. Otherwise, I like the aesthetics and the sense of humor.

Great game! I just want to point out that Medeiros is an anagram for Remedios, it's kind of interesting.

I just want to say, I've played plenty of puzzle games, like The Talos Principle, Snakebird, The Adventures of Lolo trilogy, Braid, The Witness, etc, and this is pretty close to those games in terms of design, challenge and ideas. I've been playing on and off for the last 4 days and I just beat all the levels, it's inmensely satisfying. If I were to improve anything, it would be adding more tunes, because listening to the same theme on a level you've been stuck on for the last hour can be slightly maddening lol. Seriously, this is really, really good and it's free to boot. I'm looking forward to your future projects. 

Got it, thx.

I could really use that hint tho. Great game BTW.

Great game, I was wondering, are there multiple endings? I'm under the impression that I'd get a more optimistic ending if I found every green tablet.

Oh shoot, I hadn't noticed the "controls type" at the top. Thx for the help.

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I'm playing with a keyboard and I'm not comfortable with the default controls. How do I change the controls on the menu? I can't assign any new keys for any actions, no matter how many keys I press, it just doesn't register somehow. I've noticed that when I hit F I cancel the change and go back, but that's about it. Is there a key that confirms assigning a specific key to a specific action?

EDIT: Since there isn't a manual or any instructions on the description, I have to ask here in the comments.

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Great game, man! Highly addictive, and I'm only 1000 points away from beating your highscore :D

EDIT: I just beat your highscore. This must be the first time I'm first in a leaderboard. I wonder for how long this will last lol.

Really cool game! One question, is the northern shrine in the prototype? I only managed to find the southern, eastern and western shrines.

Thanks for the reply! Very helpful!

Great game! One question, how do I gain stars? I noticed that I keep the star as long as I don't get hurt and I don't use dash mode. However, I beat a level unharmed and I didn't get a star. In that level, I got an A+ rank, so I thought I'd earn the star if I got a S rank. However, when I beat the level again, unharmed and with a S rank, I still didn't get a star. So, what do I have todo to earn stars?

Wow, I didn't know Syrup came first, so you decided to make an entire game series based around a minor character? That's awesome!

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Great VN, I think you should add this to the spinoffs in the Lonely Wolf Treat series, due to Treat's cameo and the fact that said cameo was acknowledged in Friendly Bunny Mochi. Also, how come you added the webcomic to the spinoffs but not the VN?

Apart from that, it's great! 

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :)

Pretty good demo, I have one question though, how do I fish? When I select Eve and press W in front of a mass of water, she throws the fishing rod, then I wait until the dots disappear and then the question mark appears. At that point, every single time I tried, the catch goes away, how am I supposed to reel them in? Other than that I really enjoyed it.

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This game is awesome! Do you work for or are you connected to Arcane Kids? This game really reminds me of their work, especially "Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective" (y'know, playing as a dead mascot in a seemingly innocent world that's actually pretty f***ed up)