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Hi, if I remember correctly the Start button should open up a "are you sure you want to quit?" prompt in the main menu, but you should also be able to navigate to the "Quit Game" button on the left side of the screen using the controller.

Thanks-- the escape key does this, but pressing the start button doesn't do anything from the main menu. I can see that it knows the button is pressed as it will change the input icons if a keyboard key is pressed beforehand. Can't seem to navigate to the button, either, if you navigate left using the analog stick or the dpad, it only moves the level selection to the left, but the menu items can't be selected via the gamepad. The start button will exit a level properly, though.

Hi, thanks for reporting that bug. I uploaded a new version (3.11) - can you check if that one works properly?

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Okay, so I thought the problem still existed, even after reinstalling the game (through that option in the itch client), but I just uninstalled the game and installed it fresh, and it seems to be fixed! I was able to exit using the gamepad. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work. Really enjoying your game.

Thanks, glad to hear it works now :)