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Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed After Midnight and thanks for dropping by our booth at PGA!

Hard to estimate, though it took us around 3-4 months to develop it.

Hi, with version 1.1 we released a Linux build; hope it works fine :)


Thank you, glad to hear you're enjoying it! :)

Thanks for playing our game; the early stages are a bit slow as we're easing you into mechanics, but around Chapter 4-5 battle difficulty starts really picking up :)

Thanks for trying it out :)

That's very kind of you, thanks :)

Thanks! For the release we only plan to support Polish and English due to the size of the script and some technical stuff, but we might think about other languages in the future :)


Hi, thanks for the heads up. This is caused by the goal being rendered using a SpriteRenderer that's positioned barely above the floor so in some cases/angles it can cause Z-fighting due to math wonkiness.

For now we'll probably leave it as it is, but if we decide to expand this idea in the future we'll definitely fix it :)

Hi, thanks a bunch for including us in the bundle, appreciate it :)

Thank you so much for the kind review :)

Thank you, glad you enjoy it :)

Congrats! :)

Thanks, glad to hear it works now :)

Thank you, glad you had fun with it :)

Hi, files from the version of the game on Windows should be located in:
C:\Users\<YOUR_USER_NAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Afterburn\Golf Peaks in the SaveData.es3 file. 

Hi, thanks for reporting that bug. I uploaded a new version (3.11) - can you check if that one works properly?

Hi, if I remember correctly the Start button should open up a "are you sure you want to quit?" prompt in the main menu, but you should also be able to navigate to the "Quit Game" button on the left side of the screen using the controller.


Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks, happy to hear you enjoyed Golf Peaks so much :)

Thank you, glad you had fun with Golf Peaks :)

Thanks for including the stream footage, always happy to see people enjoying the experience :)

Happy to hear you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks, glad to hear :)

Thanks, we tried hard to make the mechanics as self-explanatory as possible (though they get weirder as the game progresses :)

Thanks! If you enjoyed the music, you can find the full OST here:

Thank you for the kind words! It's always great to hear Golf Peaks compared to other great puzzle titles :)

Regarding the APK, we're still investigating putting it here but for the time being the game is available on the Play Store and in Google Play Pass:

Happy to hear that you enjoyed Golf Peaks so much :)

Thanks for the super positive review :)

Glad to hear that it finally worked! Hope you enjoy the game :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi, we're having some trouble with notarization on Catalina, but while we're figuring out these issues you should be able to get the game up and running by following this guide:

Let us know if it helped :)

Hi, for now we're only offering the Android version on the Play Store: but we're looking into alternatives :)

Happy to hear that you enjoyed the level progression :)

Thanks, glad to hear that your little ones have also enjoyed it :)

Thank you, happy to hear you liked it :)