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I love how this game mixes gore and romance in such an elegant and captivating way.

Will the game have a sequel or after story of the routes?

I would love to see more of the characters or that world.

For example: I take it for granted that when Brattan and Vil have become more adapted to their new bodies and society, they will explore again and begin to explore the world and its wonders (I wonder what face they will put when they see for the first time the sea or the snow or the desert or cultural differences between countries).

I like the concept of "Bonding" by Yiestol, it reminds me of the "fusion" of Steven Universe (But more gore and no turning back XD), I would like to see adventures of them in their new form and how they enjoy existence together (Technically they are continuously in a date XD)

And my dearest Nyargh, curiously, I felt that his relationship with Vil and his route was the closest thing to our society's concept of "close friends to boyfriends", I would like to see how those changes affect their relationship, and how they have dates together.

Simple words, I loved the game, and if you decide to make another one, you would make me very happy, but if you decide not to, nothing happens, I will still love you equally.

Thank you very much for making this game so wonderful.


Aw gosh, thank you so much for playing our game Aural, and we're really so glad you enjoyed the story and characters! It means a lot to us to hear anyone would enjoy seeing more of the world we made!

Unfortunately we don't presently have a sequel planned, though we do have other projects in the works (slowed down a bit by covid, I'm afraid). In part this is because we'd like to leave the story open enough for exactly these sorts of speculations! Your thoughts on how these characters might go on into the future is so wonderful.

If we think of anything interesting enough to make a full arc for this world again, we'd like to revisit it. But we wouldn't want to take away the opportunity to imagine something cool for these characters unless we can deliver something totally worthwhile.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!