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Bug Report:

- Chosing a resolution of 1024x768 and full-screen option, from the Unity3D first configuration window, game menù appears cutted on left and right and wrong-scaled (as if it's rendered at an higer resolution); at the following link you can find an in-game screen shot (under the sub-directory v0.0): https://mega.nz/#F!J0dxULIZ!jXpeQlJFeMV4Vhu9EZ87hw;

- When the "engine blown" message pops out, the game won't return to main menù, like it automatically does when the "you lost" message appear a the end of a race instead, so the only way to exit it's through an ALT-F4 key combination.

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks for the report!

Regarding the second one, the game uses the same logic as the 'you lost' message for engine blown, which means it won't end the race until an AI wins. That is probably not ideal if you do it early in the race, so definitely something to look at.