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Hardly. I've done much better work than that in POV-Ray, but that of course can't be used in games, except perhaps as static backgrounds. What do you need? Because you've been spamming people, but gave no details of what your game will be like.

Managing situation A. K. A simulation game

I understood as much from your post in the Help Wanted forum, but business management simulation games can be very diverse, and you haven't said anything beyond that. Does your game even take place in the modern era? Would a minimal style like mine be appropriate? And what about texturing? Never mind the question of whether this is a paid job or just for fun.

No need to answer me. But this is the kind of information people need before they'll even bother to ask for details. Don't spam, explain.

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Ok if you want to work with us contract discord:MRCTRANSWORK9557(the game designer)/shiva23itch io#5097(the game modeler)

                                                                                                                       Or you can Facebook chat with:chan chian shi/shivawadulkar           how job you want fun or paid tell me

No, I don't. And I already saw your contact info in the original Help Wanted post. My whole point is that you need to give more details right here in the forums before anyone will consider contacting you.

Can we end this conversation now? You've necroed this thread, took it totally off-topic despite my best efforts...

This is a paid job 

And we dont spam