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*Thank you* for those platonic routes, ohmigosh. Dating sims are usually a bit of a mixed bag for me—I love the character-focused format but the dating aspect is very not my thing, so being able to enjoy one without having to make myself sit through the other was fantastic. The characters are all very compelling, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness you put in handling their issues.

Also, I don’t want to spoil any of it in a comment just in case, but I had a lot of fun piecing together the overarching plot & how the different routes fed into each other :p Will keep an eye out for future games!


Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it! :-D I agree with you, I haven't played that many VNs, but sometimes you just don't want to do a romantic route with (a) character(s). I wanted the platonic option to be available to make sure that players had the option to choose what they wanted. I'm hoping to improve with my storytelling in the future, too. And I'm glad you discovered the secrets and how they linked together, I did try my best to make sure they were consistent throughout so it's great to hear that that worked out!