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Thoroughly enjoyed this one! The hand-sketched art works great with the atmosphere, the music is stellar, and I found the story to be both hopeful and impactful. 

I really enjoyed playing this! Nice retro look, great soundtrack, and the open-world with checkpoints system makes for a very smooth difficulty curve; I never felt too stuck to keep going, even when a particular puzzle was giving me trouble. Well done!

*Thank you* for those platonic routes, ohmigosh. Dating sims are usually a bit of a mixed bag for me—I love the character-focused format but the dating aspect is very not my thing, so being able to enjoy one without having to make myself sit through the other was fantastic. The characters are all very compelling, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness you put in handling their issues.

Also, I don’t want to spoil any of it in a comment just in case, but I had a lot of fun piecing together the overarching plot & how the different routes fed into each other :p Will keep an eye out for future games!

 Seconding what AndreiT above said re: text boxes, though ultimately it comes down to personal preference. It might also be useful to add a generic ‘can’t use this here’ message for when a player tries to use the wrong inventory item (possibly with hints for multiple steps puzzles?). As it is you get the same text box that you would get if you hadn’t used an inventory item at all, which can be confusing if it’s your first time seeing it! This was esp. noticeable when painting the plate since there’s a lot of steps and, like—I knew which items I had to use, but not where/in which combination, etc, so there was a lot of clicking around :p

That being said: I really enjoyed this game! The art is gorgeous, the changing environment is a neat touch, and the tension was really, really well done, as was the creeping sensation that this was not going to end well at all. Def will be keeping an eye on future developments!

Hey that was great! The writing is a+, and I really like the premise of random cards with generic defend/attack/'flip a coin and hope for the best' effects. I got lucky on my first playthrough and was able to save the card I wanted for last; and on replays it was really fun to see how different sets of cards would affect the way I tackled obstacles (and sometimes which path I chose)!

I saw you address this in someone elses’s comment but I’m still gonna +1 that the font can be hard to parse at times, and a more dyslexia-friendly alternative would be nice to have. Other than that tho it’s a solid little game and I enjoyed it immensely!