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Bugfix v5 for 0.5.25 is on Discord( Though it does not add a GUI for changing the location of the save location, it changes the code to use a single set of file paths in The easiest way is to move the entire Strive appdata folder to the game folder by switching the "appDataDir" definitions; I provided a commented out definition next to the current definition that does this. Though, this has not yet been tested, and changing the "saveDir" definition won't work as you may expect because I later added a feature to the mod system("") that changes the value. There are a few fixes and improvements that need to be made to v5, so v5a should be out within a week. I'll see if I can come up with a better setup to allow for changing the save folder alone.

Thank you very much. Seems to work fine, and moving the entire appdata folder suits me even better.