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Thank you very much. Seems to work fine, and moving the entire appdata folder suits me even better.

I need to change the save location from user to the game folder. I'm using patch 525-Bugfix-V4a, and I don't see a way to do this without editing some game variables. Any tips, please?

The review is based on game downloaded and played on Steam 2-3 days ago, so the achievements should work for me ("successfully redeemed a retail CD key for this product and added it to your Steam library").

I may offer a suggestion of an easy to implement (really, just dialog) slight improvement for the ending, but posting it in open is too much of a spoiler. As I don't see a way to PM you here, please befriend me on Steam, if interested.



When it's free and can be partially treated as a demo/teaser, I can heartily recommend it. You can check my review here: Really nice 1-2 hour experience with an ending a bit too much like for a demo, not a standalone chapter.