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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game as much as you did. 

I just wanted to answer a few things you brought up about the stats and the routes. For anyone else that might be reading this comment, this might get spoilery as well. 

There are actually going to be direct sequels to this game at some point, and some of those stats that didn't have much of an effect on this current game are planned to carry over to the sequels and effect things there. 

The overall story for DFU 2 picks up the following week, and the end of DFU 3 is a 4th of July weekend, so the stats are going to have a lot of opportunities to shine. It's just an unfortunate planning part on my end that they just don't affect very much in this first game. 

And the same kinda goes for some of the route stuff you mentioned. While the sequels are still quite aways away, I already have quite a few scenes written that delve heavily into James' entitlement, Alexander's difference of life experience with Idril - as well as him getting over his ex and having confusing feelings about their situation after Idril kisses him, and... a lot of Brian's issues. Brian is... Well, he's a jerk, in the politest of terms, and his route isn't going to forget that. 

I have definitely been trying to acknowledge their issues in the sequels where the story has more room to explore them. 

I see what you mean with Vincent. That is probably due to some inexperience on my end when a lot of his stuff was worked on. I've already improved my skills a lot since DFU 1 came out, but I'll keep stuff like that in mind and make sure to keep improving for the next one to fix things like that. ^^

I'm really happy that you liked the Samson and OHWB routes. They're some of my favorite characters I've worked on, and I don't see a lot of people go for them nearly as much. 

I'm also glad you liked the 3d modeling! That's not something I really hear much of ^^; That's another thing I've been working on improving in between the games, and I'm quite excited about how things are looking for the sequels. 

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. I really truly appreciate you passing the game that much and I'm happy to get your feedback on it. Even though it won't be for a while still, I do hope that you'll give the sequels a chance when they come out. ^^


I'm glad to hear there's more to the series! James and Vincent could definitely use some more time to show off their relationship with Idril, and I'm always happy to hear there's going to be more Nathan and Samson content!

It kinda sounds like the games are super interconnected? Like, instead of being sequels to each other, it seems like it's the same story, split into different episodes or chapters, if that makes sense.

I'll be looking forward to what you do next, though!