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good chaos is that you


Itsa me! GK!

wow nice 2 meet you and i got a boofies bunker challenge for your next video of boofies bunker


Nice! I look forward to playing it...or should I dread playing it? LOL

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let me tell you my challenge 1 extreme bojin 3 normal boofies 1 tinrea 3 oui oui 1 blitz 3 zipper 2 boofie plush 2 delete data droid 1 hard kinetic image in the christmas level on fever dream mode but remember you can only play it in your new video of boofies bunker it is called bloody christmas

hey i am am not being rude but whene is my challenge coming its been a while and itchio is the only place that i know that i can talk to you

so honest answer i had no idea you left a comment here for a challenge. Best place to give me challenges is Thats where I post the videos and where I pull comments for my challenge accepted videos. I pulled your comment off and it'll be first next time i do one of those videos though! Sorry!

thank you very much and no need to be sorry and like you said i have to put my challenges in your youtube thing well i can not post comments on youtube sorry

just to make shure do you know its a boofies bunker challenge