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Yup, I was definitely the wrong genre-savvy for that scene :’D I feel super conflicted! It gave an insight of how the two could’ve acted if they weren’t at each other’s throats all the time so I don’t really hold it against him from keeping his identity from her. I also like how the MC realised it is kinda both their faults but at the same time... it’s really hard to let go of the instinctive ‘snap back’ reaction when he’s a jerk. (But then reflecting on that it makes it seem kinda childish, like kids who go ‘he started it first!’ so I ended up picking more kinder options as the chapters went by haha)

Aw, I hope he has more admirers soon! Different strokes for different folks I guess. :P There are loads of games where the LIs is like, 10ys+ than the MC so his age doesn’t really bother me haha. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   But yes, I feel exactly the same! Most younger guys in otome tend to  be the koakuma type & tease the MC bc she’s oblivious, so it’s just nice to see Dimitri just be so refreshingly innocent and cute whilst having the MC lead along haha. Just a quick question though - does he ever wear his glasses after the time skip?  (I mean if he doesn't that's okay but... I think he's kinda cute with them on :'D)

Haha, no worries, it closed pretty early on, just before I could advance onto chp2. After I reset my computer it was fine (I’m 99.9% it’s just my old computer tho;;)

Aww, you picked the nicer options for him haha. I would always suggest experiencing both choices whenever you can (by saving). Most of the time, the scene isn't impacted much, just slightly different dialogue - but sometimes different information is shared, or different actions are performed. For example, in chapter 16, you can choose to chew him out, or accept that you could have been nicer. The first choice gets both Neil and the MC all riled up, the second one Neil apologizes again and he gives some sort of explanation to his behaviour.

Koakuma? I had no idea it had a term, but ... of course it has a name. It's a reoccurring trope (I'm no fan haha). I don't think there's many types in otome games where the MC can actually tease the guy, it's pretty rare.

Dimitri will still have moments where he's wearing his glasses (mostly at night). I have one really hot CG planned for him with his glasses on ... :D

Actually I just realized all of my CGs of Neil are basically him being caught of guard, and Dimitri gets all of the ... aherm ... steamier ones. I think this is a reflection of my own tastes ahaha.

Alright, so you were simply playing the game and it closed on you - I think that may have to be your PC as well. I really hope you'll be able to play future installments, as each update will get progressively heavier on RAM.

I'll give it a re-run once I have some free time~ :D
But yay! \o/ The glasses make a re-appearance haha. I feel like it's a case of gap moe maybe, but I'm not complaining, our tastes seem to be the same.
I've bootcamped my mac, & it's a lot speedier than my old desktop I used before, so hopefully the game should run normally even when it updates.

Probably a bit of gap moe - simply catching them in a different light. I think everyone enjoys it when characters act different than what they're used to because of something you did. Making the stoic turn not so stoic is always fun!

If you're into the glasses trope, Caine wears them every now and then as well, not as often though since he thinks he looks lame in them.

And ah, if you own a Mac, I'm hoping to release a Mac version sometime. I need a friend's help with this though, and currently she seems busy with other projects, so I don't have an ETA.