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Surprisingly managed to get all the endings..

BROO this game is amazing. You can see all the effort poured into it, start to finish. There were lines of dialogue for so many objects, giving little bits of info about the way the character acts/feels, and references upon references. The posters were such a nice little touch to have, the Spongebob reference next to the sink and sweater, the messy house showing how little motivation the main character really has. Ending A was easy to get, finding the other two endings took almost an hour for me.. I loved how you can just go back to bed ASAP or looking for a way back into where you were locked out of, so much detail for a game that was free. The difficulty of finding the other endings is also understandable, it would take the joy out of it if it was clear from the start..  I enjoyed it! I CANNOT wait for more to be implemented in the future, hope to get more of a story about our characters and find Frank.. Why they gotta mess with the homie Frank tho 😢

thanks so much for playing. Frank plays a bigger role later on :)

Good job on getting all the endings!