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Holy crap, that was.. quite the experience. I sorta sped through the game on my first few tries because I found a strat that was pretty good, but the first time he jumpscares me.. got me good. The atmosphere was nice, the pacing was good, the design and overall game idea are hilarious. Great work! 4/5 from me

Woahh, what a game. I thought it was pretty cool, and the whole point & click elements with layouts highly reminded me of At Dead of Night. I thought it was pretty cool how we had to double back to certain places so we can progress, although I feel like I missed out on something. Regardless, this alone makes me wanna play the other two in the series lol 5/5!

Truly is a classic horror game, one that liked :). The puzzle was actually somewhat thought-provoking and clever, the jumpscares did get me, and I liked the layout of everything. I am looking forward to see how it continues, amazing work!

Yup. Definitely chose the wrong house..

That was great! I liked the tension that builds up, the looting feature, the chase sequence, the sound effects, etc. It was a great experience, other than a glitch I had with the inventory opening up after 5 clicks. Regardless of that, I loved it! Definitely wonder what the neighbor is doing with that weird thing in its home lol.


Short, but pretty freaking nice. I liked the atmosphere for it, and the story was definitely interesting. Although I wish there was an option to run/walk quicker, I'm looking forward to the final version of the game! 

Beautifully displayed, without any words even spoken.. This was an amazingly well put-together game, life flashing by and seeing all the highs and lows, it was nice. Although reading the comments to get an idea of how long the game might be sorta ruined my experience of finding the pw by myself, it was worth the play. The ending message was beautiful as well, amazing work!

(Accidentally deleted my original post) This game is amazing!! I lost so much track of time while recording because of how fun it was, and played it for myself right after I finished. I like the various combos you can do, mixing of different characters moves, the unique characters, the humor, etc. Some of the most fun I've had off of an game in a while, amazing work :)

I posted this about a week ago but completely forgot to post it here. Anyway, I don't know what the freak I just played.. but I LOVED IT lol. Definitely, a weird game, to say the least, wished it was a little bit longer but enjoyed every second of it.

As a guy who only games late at night and records it, I can confirm this happens every day lol. Amazing work for your first game though, I really enjoyed it! (2:18)

Well that was an experience.. I was confused on what was going on at first, but rewatching the footage and replaying allowed me to understand most of it. It was a fun game, pacing was bizarre but in a good way, and the story was creative. The only real issue I had was the small text, but other than that great job! (4:24)

We should stayed out the basement smh, but that was a great game. The sweeping mechanic reminded me of Night Shift by puppet combo, I kinda wish there was a little more though. I really liked the phone segment, and the timing it takes for the monster to finally spawn in lol, great work! (0:30)

There was so much more to this game than I expected, and that's amazing. There was the decent voice acting, nice graphics, nice design work for the home and monster, and story-wise it was pretty humorous as well. Although it was kind of short, it was one heck of an experience! Definitely would not mind seeing more to the box creature in the future, heck maybe even an origin story lol. Sad to see no Roddy Ricch, but glad to see a dope freaking game :) 5/5 from me.


Amazing job dude! I really like how timing matters in the game, it makes the little mistakes we might make feel more impactful. Trynna speedrun to get the first ending felt fun lol. I did have a slight issue with the texts on screen, it was a bit difficult to read, but other than that, very enjoyable! 4.5/5 from me :)

What did I just play.. idk, but it was pretty freaking interesting lol. It was super short, and definitely gave me some weird vibes. Also, I managed to drop the soap so automatically a 10/10  (Gameplay at 2:57)

An Interesting Game.. To say the least. I like the voice acting that was done and the actual scene with the monkey. The overall story to it was pretty hilarious and I kinda wish it was a bit longer.. still great though lol (Gameplay at 0:19)

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I definitely should have read the game description before playing to understand that humans no longer dictate the rules, but regardless, that was one heck of an experience. I enjoyed the layout of the game, I enjoyed the music, I enjoyed the suspense of running around the robots or whatever they were, I enjoyed the story that was being told, etc. It was definitely amazing to play, although I wish there was a little bit more to it than running beacon to beacon, it was fun :) 4/5 from me

This game was very well-made, with good pacing, a good atmosphere, good jumpscares, interesting characters lol, and overall a good time. Although I wish it was a bit longer, the ending leaves a lot of room for more installments which I hope to see :). I give it a strong 4/5.

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Amazed to see how much the game has progressed, the last time I played was back in September. The jumpscares still get me, the AI is wicked, the change of character is both sad and scary, it's just absolutely amazing. After a bunch of tries, I just barely managed to get the bad ending in normal mode. Can't wait to try the different modes and hopefullyyy get a good ending.

Spongebob.. What happened :(

This was very well made, I like how spacious Spongebob's house. Alongside it, how there were references to different parts of the room within the show, and all the familiar characters put into it. Getting both endings took me a lot longer than I thought it would, mainly because I wasn't counting right lol. Regardless, it has a great concept. A Spongebob horror game very well done, and the jumpscares were freaking on point. 5/5 


This game was freaking fire man, enjoyed every second I played it. So much action and various combos can be used against any enemy. A lot of weapons to work with too, but my favorite would definitely have to be our feet. AMAZING! 5/5 from me, will play the rest soon, and more if there's more to come :)


This game was very well-made, cutting off at a perfect moment to leave me wanting more. It had good atmosphere, an intriguing plot, a unique design and antagonist, etc. The jumpscare got me pretty badly too lol. Definitely a 5/5!


This game was great, start to finish. The background music, the pacing, the creep factor, the  jumpscares, etc. I enjoyed it very much! I like how there was a mini story throughout the entirety of it, although I was confused the first time around at the chase sequence. I also liked how choosing the wrong door results in a jumpscare lol, good job! 4.5/5 from me :) Gameplay at 0:51

Holy crap that was awesome..

I said what I said, it was awesome! I usually don't play pixelated games, but this was a step in the right direction. It has a lot of creativity and the satanic scenes had me on the edge of my seat! The suspense at the end leading to the conclusion was amazing. It has a nice storyline building up, and I CANNOT wait for more! 4.5/5 from me! Gameplay at 7:30

Short, But Gets The Job Done..

Although it was extremely short, It was very enjoyable! The timing for everything was amazing, the jumpscares really got me, and close eyes feature was very creative.. Speaking as somebody who has had experiences with sleep paralysis similar to this, this game made me feel uncomfy in the right way.. lol. 3.5/5 from me! Gameplay at 11:35

Finally.. a PS5

This game was pretty fun to play, a bit buggy, but the Knack 3 and dialogue options were hilarious to go with it. Enjoyed it very much, definitely how getting a PS5 would feel like.. I think :( 4/5 from me!

Although short, it did amazingly well at giving me the creeps. The part where the killer is driving around with the distorted song play.. was absolute nightmare fuel. The graphics were astonishing, and the jumpscares/sound cues were mind-blowingly good. I enjoyed deeply, but I feel as if I missed something. A strong 4/5 from me!

Created this in case anybody else has gameplay they would want to share, cause this game is fun af lmao. It was funny, fun to play, and overall gave me a good vibe. I like how the background music is actual music from Spongebob, and I like how heavily memed it was. Going around as Mr. Krabs taking ketamine, beating dudes up, etc. was unexpected but funny. There were plenty of gamebreaking glitches though. For example, squidwards mission would not start if you jump into the Krusty Krab from the door, sometimes cars will roam around by themselves and hits people.. which is a huge problem as it won't count in Patrick's mission, and jumping on/near cars can cause them to flip and kill you. Overall though, I give this game a strong 4/5, just wish it was a little longer lmao.

I get what you're saying to a degree, but made this feature for a reason. If you click on the browse games section and look at legit any of the other popular games, there will be not one, not two, not three, but dozens of links to videos. This site was made for that, for content creators, meaning people who make games or videos. There's forums for the game to get answers on Reddit and Steam, both of which don't actually have a content section and you can report/take down, not here though. So yeah I see what you mean if you were talking about other websites, but not on this website.

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Weird.. But In A Good Way!

Dude let me start off by saying the part with the stairs was freaking amazing, I would love to see a horror game based off of not being able to go up or down the stairs. Anyway, amazing game! I had no clue what to expect, and was weirded out by the Meat Man, but I had quite a few frights throughout the game. The length was perfect, and the disappearance of things was intriguing. Gave this game a huge element of mystery, I would love to see more  :) A strong 4.5/5 from me Gameplay at 2:33

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A Terrifying Walk In The Dark..

This was a great game, I really like how intense it was despite being short. The long walk with silence is really what drove me a bit insane in this game, thinking something would pop out at any corner, and it got me TWICE! I also love the second ending if you go left lol, rip city. STRONG 4/5 from me!! Gameplay at 5:30

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Among Us.. But It's A Horror Game

The concept of turning Among Us into a horror game is amazing, definitely something I would like to see more of. I had higher expectations on this game, and although it didn't reach them, the one jumpscare I got genuinely frightened me. I feel like it was a bit too short, and I was also kind of confused on what to do at parts, but I still enjoyed the gameplay. Again, this is a great concept, I hope to see a bigger story or something out of this in the future! Strong 3/5 from me! First game in my vid!

Bro why are you replying to every comment that promotes themself on here💀What do you think the point of the YouTube video link option is for on here?

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The point of's comment section is to give feedback and shii my guy, it does give an opportunity to promote the channel as well, but I make sure that if I do so that I give an actual review instead. I do that with every game I have gotten off of here


Yes, A Cute Ghost Story Can Be Spooky..

AMAZING!! I loved the game start to finish, I had high expectations and was not disappointed with the results. I loved the Pancakes Official Gameshow and hearing that this was coming out hyped me up! I was jumpscared quite often, and had quite a few laughs throughout the game. Daniel kinda sus tho. Regardless of that, I wish there were more games like these, games with a good story and humor built in that are on and on top of that, voice acting was on point :) INSTANT 5/5 from me, although having to click on the doorknobs was a bit odd to me.


This is the weirdest game I have ever played, period. I have never been so weirded out and confused in my life.. not a bad thing tho lol. I enjoyed playing it, and wish it was a LOT longer than it ended up being, but it was fun nevertheless. 3.5/5 from me!