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seems fun so far and love the way story presents the options to problems and how the crew reacts. but when i navigate through space the game freezes and takes a long time for it to come back and show the ship in a new position. any ideas?

That's where it's processing and generating a new sector. What sort of CPU do you have?

Intel i7-8705G

it's not just jumping to a new sector. moving two inches through the blackness of space will cause the program to freeze for 30 seconds or longer.

CUK Intel Hades Canyon NUC Mini Compact Gamer PC (Intel i7-8705G, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD, AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL, Windows 10 Home) Tiny Gaming Desktop Computer - Thunderbolt 3, 4K Support

win 10 

I'm having this same issue, the program seems to be running very heavy. I have a AMD Ryzen 3700 so I feel like I shouldn't be running into issues.

try adding --no-shader to the launch arguments/options.

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I'm having the same problem, but I don't know what you mean by the launch arguments/options. I looked in the options menu and didn't see anything

Edit: I looked up how to do it via making a shortcut, and it didn't help the problem at all.

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Interesting. I am testing on a Ryzen 3900x and am not seeing any issues at all. Can you open your resource monitor through the task manager in windows, is there something there that is maxing out? I guess I am trying to figure out if it's an IO issue or not. Would you happen to have an HDD? Or are you on SSDs?

When I opened up the game today, the issue didn't occur right away like it had been doing before. This time, it proceeded just fine until I got to an encounter, and then afterwards, the game would just freeze when I tried to move. I opened up the resource monitor, and it said that the game was using 73% of the CPU, but it dropped to 40% while I was watching. When I clicked back over to the game, my computer sent me an alert saying that the game wasn't responding. When I closed the game and reopened it, I was again able to play just fine until I got to a new encounter, and then afterwards the same thing happened.

I have a SSD.

Interesting, can you email your logs to You should be able to find a button to the folder in the options menu.

For those having performance issues I would like to direct you to which is an exe only of the game (it must be placed in the game install folder.) which will add logging. This logging will automatically be added to version 2.13 (it may be under a program argument, see future changelog for more info.). You will not see this logging if for some reason you do not clear 100 Milliseconds of wait time.