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Hi! I've played the demo over the weekend :) It's cool how a game can be created without typing in a single code (I'm now feeling inspired to make my own some day :P). However, I got 2 bugs, 1st is major and 2nd one just minor. The major one is there are times when I move Rebecca on the edge of the screen she gets stuck and I couldn't control her anymore whatever I click and prevented me from moving forward so had to restart (not included in my let's play video below anymore, but there's a part where she almost got stuck again when she moved behind Chris). Was wondering what could've caused it, if it's just a graphics glitch or its a bug with the game creator or unity engine itself, and how it can be fixed/prevented? The 2nd one which is just minor is if it's possible to make the objects destructible just for effects?:P Thanks a lot! And cool demo game and game creator tool! I love the camera effect the most! :D

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Hi @bigeyekitteh! Thank you very much for the review! About the first (major) bug, we think it's been fixed in the new update (you have v-0.1.2 while the current is v-0.1.3. If you play again and see this error again, please let us know! Anyway, we'll dig in case we missed something ;-D

We don't understand what you mean about the second bug, but you surely can destroy objects with the Game Creator tools (not displayed in the demo)! The tools are currently in review. Once they are live, we'll post an update and if you decide to start your own game (go for it! We actually want to do the same!), don't hesitate to ask us any questions! :-D

PS: In case you want to know, the first glitch was caused because of a bug of the game creator tools (now fixed thanks you all the community in that spotted it) that happened when clicking near an interactable object that moved the player. What happened was that there was a "fight" between the instruction of moving the player to the mouse position and the interaction happening at the same frame.