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This game is so cute! Love it! It's the most relaxing game I've played so far this year too ^__^ And I like how optimized this game is (played this on a laptop), everything was smooth and the music gets me in the mood to explore its world :)

This game is so hilarious! Love its physics and the side comments from the guards! I also enjoy the fact that though it's the same story all throughout, En Garde gives different "experiences" to different players depending on their own game style ( I did not expect that chicken omgggg!)XD Wanted to play this on my laptop soooo bad, hence I did but only on the lowest settings here lol. I did try a custom medium-high settings afterwards, but experienced really noticeable FPS drops then, so only low settings for me (for now):( Looking forward to its optimization and full release ^_^ For anyone interested esp on what it looks like at the lowest settings and some funny moments, here goes:


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Hi! I've played the demo over the weekend :) It's cool how a game can be created without typing in a single code (I'm now feeling inspired to make my own some day :P). However, I got 2 bugs, 1st is major and 2nd one just minor. The major one is there are times when I move Rebecca on the edge of the screen she gets stuck and I couldn't control her anymore whatever I click and prevented me from moving forward so had to restart (not included in my let's play video below anymore, but there's a part where she almost got stuck again when she moved behind Chris). Was wondering what could've caused it, if it's just a graphics glitch or its a bug with the game creator or unity engine itself, and how it can be fixed/prevented? The 2nd one which is just minor is if it's possible to make the objects destructible just for effects?:P Thanks a lot! And cool demo game and game creator tool! I love the camera effect the most! :D