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Hi, I'm loving the game so far, but could you please satisfy my curiosity about something? Those variables in the readme file, what do they do, what do they control? Also, how does the whole SHARECART schtick work?

I hope you don't mind answering these questions.

Of course! Many variables in the readme file do nothing, and some of them do something. In-simulation, certain properties are controlled by variables:

-SET abilities 

-TRAVEL destinations




There might be more, but I forget. As specified in GUIDE TO LIFE AND SCIENCE VOL. 1, variable repair may be conducted by setting any variable to 99999.

Oh also! SHARECART1000 is a protocol designed to share data between simulations. All simulations read and write from the same .ini file, allowing for unexpected permutations and communication between simulations. More info on sharecart1000 compatible file conventions here:

Alright, thank you very much! I seem to have found all the scientists, got one ending, very trippy, now on to all the pizzas! 😁🍕