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definitely. Thanks for your patience; I am a kindergarten teacher in this iteration and I keep forgetting to do this! But it Shall Be Done. ✨👁‍🗨✨

I just realized that I should have a separate page for that! I will put it up soon. 

Forgive me, it has been awhile, and I am away from a terminal right now: it is possible that setting ZZZZZ (or a similar variable) to 99999 will have the desired effect.

I’ll make it downloadable for now! I’ll see if I can find the source code too. 

huzzah! safe travels, Science Eye!

Is it unzipped all the way into its own folder? Sometimes people get this kind of error if they try to run it from the zip file or the start menu. Try only running it from its own folder in Explorer. Otherwise, maybe I can send you a copy of the file that I've tested from my own computer (running Windows 10), or I can refund if all else fails :(

I’m sorry to hear that! What operating system are you using? 

Oh I am so sorry! Beleaguered One! I meant to respond to this.

Open o_o.ini and set one of these values to 99999:





That should revert FJORDS to a prior iteration.

thank YOU, intrepid science eye ❤️👁❤️

dutiful science eye! you are delving into SCIENCE MYSTERY. read the SCIENCE MOUNTAIN GUIDE TO LIFE AND SCIENCE through the GHOST PROTOCOL and prepare for GHOST TRAVEL.

oh very glad, dating is Challenging, happy to help 

Thank you for playing, gentle Science Eye ❤️❤️

Oh, sorry it’s not working with the itch app! It is an Old Game now, and I don’t really know how it will continue to behave as computers get more and more fussy. Glad it’s working in Explorer though! 

🍕 hooray! 🍕

That is good to hear! Honestly I am racing against entropy by still using Gamemaker 8.1 so it always scares me when something breaks.Thanks for your kind words. ❤️

everyone: i think when i made this, i disabled ESC, so try ALT-F4 instead. i will fix it when i have time.


Thank you very much for your Exploration and Affection, Science Eye!

I’m afraid it has been many years since I’ve had access to a Mac; I do not know what might be necessary to make FJORDS work on current osx versions :( I am sorry about this! 

thank you for the gift of your Mind Hours 🧠❤️🙏🏻❤️🧠

oh fantastic news! ✨👁✨

Of course! Let me know if you find something that works, and good luck! 

this is very weird and i am so sorry. i can definitely refund; did you unzip the file all the way into its own directory? it’s the only thing i can think of. :(

Hello intrepid Science Eye! have you set any parameters that are making your exit difficult? if terminal is inaccessible, you may open o_o.ini directly and change the values there (found in SHARECART1000/dat/)

best of luck and Science Blessing for you

i would love that! 

thank you for your kind words Beautiful Science Eye ❤️❤️

Thank you so much! I unfortunately don't know how to port it right now, but if I learned how I would do it. :(

*singing a Science Song of Thanks*

Hello unfortunate SCIENCE EYE! You may repair variables directly in o_o.ini, look for switch0 - switch7 and set them to FALSE.

WARP always takes you twice as far as you want to go. be encouraged, SCIENCE EYE!

Oh also! SHARECART1000 is a protocol designed to share data between simulations. All simulations read and write from the same .ini file, allowing for unexpected permutations and communication between simulations. More info on sharecart1000 compatible file conventions here:

Of course! Many variables in the readme file do nothing, and some of them do something. In-simulation, certain properties are controlled by variables:

-SET abilities 

-TRAVEL destinations




There might be more, but I forget. As specified in GUIDE TO LIFE AND SCIENCE VOL. 1, variable repair may be conducted by setting any variable to 99999.

There are a few secret rooms. WARP is very powerful once you master it! You can do it!

SET takes two arguments: VARIABLE to SET, and then VALUE, e.g.: SET WATERFALLS T

I can only respond from my subjective experience of making this computer game and then encountering the pizzas within for playtesting purposes. For me, the pizza is real.

Oh no! That is troublesome, and I'm sorry it happened to you. :( I will look into this.

Oh no! This is the first I have heard of this happening. I'm very sorry. I'll try to find a Mac I can test it on, but my guess is that the new OS isn't playing nice with the (ancient) supersound dll that I used to handle all the sound. I can certainly do a refund if you don't have another way to play it.

honk pageant community · Created a new topic Uploading

Hello again! Today is the last day of May. I'm excited to see what everyone made! Don't worry if your entry isn't finished (mine certainly isn't). If you run into trouble uploading or if you miss the deadline, please reach out to me so we can include your stuff in the pageant!

hi yall. thanks for joining this pageant. i want to encourage you to make as much or as little as you would like to make for it. i'm excited to participate in this with you. notes on this space: i am going to do my best to make this board an antiracist and lgbtq+ welcoming space. if you have a concern, please reach out to me.