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About the support. Currently you can buy the "tiles" pack and pay what du you want:

I dont know if Max has a Patreon, paypal or something like that. 


Thanks! Yeah, I have a PayPal and patreon but I don't know if I ever put anything on the patreon. Maybe I should 😬

Some screenshots in the month and the update dev log link will be ok, bro. :p 

Whatever means necessary, I'd love to support your work even further if that's something you feel like doing for people 😁 even just little small screenshots here and there and maybe WIP kind of stuff would be cool to see.

I'm probably going to play it some more because I honestly hadn't even realized that Gascoigne was already in and with Eileen in now as well, I feel like playing again hahah.

Thanks for the response!