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Thanks - I don't plan on working on Yarntown until I decide to make it a bigger, fuller game. But until that happens, you can edit the save file to re-bind the keyboard keys. 

I'm not familiar with those or what they support : /
You might have better luck if you download the Solarus launcher to launch the game, and play with the settings in there.

Thanks, I appreciate it! : )

Hi Bruno!- I got your message, sorry to not respond, but I'm not looking for help with porting at this moment, and get a lot of these kind of messages 😅

Thanks for reaching out!

Hi! I think this can happen if your machine doesn't support hardware accelerated graphics, or Open GL

Thanks! I have a couple other games out (Ocean's Heart on Steam and Hallow's Eve here) which have more to explore!  : )

I don't plan on going back into this to add that feature. You could edit the save file to rebind them though. I think the save is at {user}/.Solarus/yarntown_saves I think?

My other itch game, Hallow's Eve, has rebindable controls, but it's a lot of work to port that system into Yarntown for an old free side project : /

Thanks so much! I recorded the music with my little sister and a really old friend who was traveling through town, and it was a blast to do. I'm glad other people like it as well!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To answer your question, for one thing, I can guarantee it wouldn't be the near future, because recreating an entire AAA game, even at a smaller scale, is still a massive amount of work that would take years. Secondly though, I don't personally see the point of just recreating an entire game- the fun part is translating it into a new format. The whole game is just too much, and the magic wears off. And also- Fromsoft made this game, it's one thing to do a small tribute, but I don't want to make a giant thing as a fan game. That's like years of working most weekends and evenings, for a free fangame.

I might make Yarntown into a full game as its own IP though, taking the core things that I think are important to Bloodborne, and bringing in some new ideas, and exploring a new world : )

Yarntown was a small side project I did in like a month, so it doesn't have settings, options, or controller remapping. I'd put that in if I made Yarntown its own IP as a full game.

I got that bug once or twice too, but never figured out what caused it. Basically, the lighting system tries to shift from one color of light to another, but can never land on the new color, cycling through a bunch of RGB values to try and hit it. 

Next game / if Yarntown becomes its own IP, will have a different lighting system, that one hogged too much CPU anyway

I'm not distributing that one since it's a fan art of the hunter from Bloodborne.

Thanks! And no, I'm not planning on going any further with this as a fangame.

That's actually a difference between Bloodborne and Dark Souls, BB doesn't have fog doors going in, so you can be surprised when coming up against a boss. Other than the fact the level design is so excellent that you can usually tell based on pacing and visual hierarchy that you're headed into a boss area, hahaha

It's as complete as I'm planning to make it.

Shoot, I should have added that. CC-BY

Not necessarily for this particular set

I do plan to continue making graphics like this though!

Following me on Twitter is best


Its possible. I'm not planning on doing it but I guess the source code is linked in the description.

Sounds like an issue, maybe check with them? There's definitely an uploaded file.

Basically all those changes would make the game into my main project, Ocean's Heart, haha. I'm not planning on expanding, definitely not without an animator.

$HOME/.Solarus/yarntown_saves I believe

This is Central Yharnam up through Gascoigne. It was a fun side project I did over a few weekends, so it's not a whole recreation of a AAA game ; )

More what? I guess the answer is yes regardless, in a way

Okay, seems like your computer doesn't support hardware acceleration. As a workaround, if you run the game with the Solarus launcher there will be an option for disabling video acceleration. Nothing else should be affected by disabling that.

Fixed this bug

Also, you might try running it with the Solarus launcher, which has some configurable graphics options, as a workaround

Its possible it might be the graphics drivers then, if you can update the drivers that might do the trick


I'll see if I can find anything about this.

I got this fixed, if you download the new files he won't be stuck anymore.

Do you mean after enemies get stuck on a wall, they remain stuck even if the wall is no longer between you and them? Just fixed that for Gascoigne but I haven't seen it on other enemies.

If they're just trying to walk straight toward you and can't get past a wall, yeah, they're a little dumb lol. Would need to write a pathfinding algorithm and haven't.

Haha, how unlucky. I'll make a note, thanks for reporting.

Yeah, feel free!

Thanks! I am making a whole lot more quite like this, I've a game called Ocean's Heart wrapping up development and should be out relatively soon. Yarntown was just a fun side project lol

The dpad on my controller was working,so I assumed they all would, oops. Someone merged some code into Yarntown that ought to have added Dpad support with last night's update.

Thanks! Yeah, I have a PayPal and patreon but I don't know if I ever put anything on the patreon. Maybe I should 😬

Feel free!


Current theory is it has something to do with graphics/video drivers. Are those up to date, or you doing anything weird with... Drivers?

Not to my knowledge! But I do love music, and music education is super cool and important!

Yeah, you do need to unzip the whole directory to run the exe. If you still have problems, try downloading the launcher from and running the data.solarus