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The navigation issue sounds odd. Super Potato Bruh and Drawn Down Abyss have very similar controller code.

I just took a look at the code for both, it turns out that Drawn Down Abyss actually has a very high threshold for joystick movement detection, so the issue may not be drift. Aside from that, there's really not much different between the two games other than the way the controller data is stored.

It also seems odd that I wouldn't have heard about the issue until now. I believe quite a few people have played with xbox controllers already (the controller I use should be pretty much the same as well). I'm a bit lost on what the issue could be.

EDIT: I noticed that you didn't specify what you did when it asked you about which joystick you wanted for movement. If you don't remember it asking you, I suspect you've got a trigger (or a joystick) that triggered the configuration and registered itself. If that's the case, I'd press you triggers and move both of your joysticks and see if that does anything. Otherwise, I'm guessing you're using the left joystick, right?

I never saw it ask me about which to use for movement, so I must have a bit of drift causing it to register almost instantly. I’ll try my other one. Thanks again :D