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Wow, this is frankly amazing. So evocative! Everyone do yourself a favor and get this!

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Tried to buy this with PayPal, but it says there was a problem. Tried again and got the same thing, but both show in my PayPal. What’s the best way for me to resolve this? I’m excited to dig in because this looks so completely dope!

Edit. All sorted now! That was quick. Thanks!

I never saw it ask me about which to use for movement, so I must have a bit of drift causing it to register almost instantly. I’ll try my other one. Thanks again :D

I’ll try to troubleshoot the controller itself. Sorry, my wording was vague. I’m unable to navigate with the controller in the game menu, but I can in Super Potato Bruh. I should also mention that I’m on Linux (Mint) and running the game from the Itch app.

Also, I forgot to say it before, but thanks for making this game. It’s such a cool concept! I’ve never really seen cards used in this way.

Trying to bind my Xbox 360 Controller causes a few issues

Steps to reproduce:

  • Plug in Xbox 360 controller
  • Start Game
  • Go through Binding Controller Steps (a for jump, x for select, y for look at cards, and start for pause)
  • Click Play Game

Observed Effects:

  • Can’t navigate as can in Super Potato Brah
  • The character always runs to the left. The only way to fix this is to unplug the controller and restart