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Ooooh, haven't tried Tales of Crestoria yet O.O Berseria is soooo good/ dark; though my fave Tales game would have to be Xillia cuz Jude and Milla are freakin' adorable together <3 They have a breif cameo in Berseria too! You should check out Tales of Arise when you have time; it looks incredible and is coming out 2021. 

Haha, I probably need to take a page from your book and watch the game walkthroughs instead, the ultimate dilemma... Fun or work. Thanks for the update ^_^

Hi, castonovia44! 

You're welcome--and OMG! A new tales series? D: Thank you so much for telling me! I didn't know about that until you mentioned it! I'll definitely take a look at Tales of Xillia later~ I missed a lot of their games but I'm a big fan of Tales of Abyss, played Tales of Destiny(my second disc got an error on the and I never managed to complete it ><), and took a peek at Tales of Berseria (I'm afraid I'll get addicted playing it so I put it off for the longest time until now. I think I'll watch the walkthrough instead QuQ)